Rock Climbing – El Chorro

As a competitive triathlete it is important to get some down time away from triathlon. Many triathletes make the mistake of trying to keep peak fitness all year round but the reality is that it only leads to exhaustion and potential injuries.

I make a conscious effort every year between October and December to take a break from triathlon so that I can build an appetite to start my training regime in January. It does not mean that I do absolutely nothing! Instead, I keep myself fit in other ways by participating in other activities such as rock climbing.

I ventured out to one of Europe’s most popular rock climbing resort, El Chorro in Spain, and for once had a more relaxing holiday! Almost all my holidays to Gibraltar or Southern Spain are treated as triathlon training camps. If you are looking to connect with Mother Nature and soak in some sunshine, then El Chorro is definitely the place to visit!

You do not need to be an expert climber as the location is perfectly suitable to go hiking and trekking. The highlight of El Chorro is the Camino Del Rey. It is one of the most impressive and dangerous mountain trails in the world!




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