Pilot Training (UK)

Although I had my first flying lesson in the UK, I did most of my training in Spain. I pursued a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering with Private Pilot Instruction at The University of Sheffield and it is through this course that I began learning how to fly.

I remember my first flying lesson from Sheffield Aerodrome and how much I did not enjoy it! I felt very sick and thought I would never fly again. As my flight training progressed and I was given more control of the aircraft, I started to realise how much fun flying an aircraft really is. So much so, that I obtained my Private Pilot License (PPL) within 8 months of starting my flight training. I then moved on to attaining my Night Rating and Commercial Pilot’s License (in 2011).

Now that I am based in Bristol, I tend to fly from Kemble airfield in the Cotswolds in order to maintain the currency of my licenses.


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