Long Beach Half Marathon (and my wedding!)

Does the title of this blog post give it away?

Are you wondering what it’s all about?

Let me break it down for you – I got married at the start line of the Long Beach Half Marathon and then ran the half marathon with my wife! Traditional huh?

You see, we have a theme going on!

I proposed to Sibylle at the finish line of the San Francisco Marathon in 2017 (click here to read the blog post and see the video of my proposal).

So it goes without saying that our wedding has to incorporate running in some form or another!

Thankfully, the Long Beach Press Telegram wrote two articles. One article before the wedding and the other article on the day of our wedding. Click on the links below to read a more professionally written piece other than my boring style of writing 😉 I’ll just share some pictures with y’all instead!

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