Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon 2014

This was my first ever ultra marathon! It was 46 miles (75 km) long and consisted of a few nasty hills. I took part in order to tick off another item of my ‘to-do list’ and to enjoy a day out with my training buddies. I think I may have used the word ‘enjoy’ in the wrong context but I’m sure you know what I mean šŸ˜‰

The 2-lap run was never easy but the majestic views made it worthwhile. The first lap was not too difficult as I my legs were fresh. The second lap however was a completely different story. I had to walk the majority of the second lap as my knees wee begging me to stop. Climbing the hills was not much of an issue but descending on the other side was torturous. As daylight started to fade, I had to slow down even further to watch every step of mine. Even with a bright head torch, the terrain was not clearly visible which meant I had to stay awake to stop myself from tripping over.

I somehow managed to get around the second lap and finished the race in under 12 hours. I achieved my target and treated myself to not one but two 12″ pizzas!


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