Triathlon Race Director

Sport has had a major influence in my life. It has taught me many skills that I can transfer into everyday life and I am who I am because of sport.

One of my personal core missions has always been to give back to the community in whatever shape or form. It is the community that has shaped me to be the person I am today and through sport, we can change the lives of many others.

There is nothing more gratifying for me than to help others achieve their sporting or fitness goals.

To do so, I have organised triathlon races in the UK and Gibraltar on a pro-bono basis in order to encourage people to live healthily and lead active lifestyles.

I thought being a Race Director would be a fairly straightforward job, but I was wrong! It has its challenges but the long term goal described above outweighs the heavy workload required to host a successful race. These projects have taught me many invaluable skills and I have met many helpful people along the way. I hope the participants enjoyed competing in the races as much as I enjoyed organising them!

The Active Triathlon 2015
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NatWest Gibraltar Triathlon 2015


NatWest Gibraltar Junior Triathlon 2015
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