UK Challenge 2014

The UK Challenge is a corporate team building event in which major firms across the UK such as Red Bull, PwC and Accenture participate by entering teams that are tested intellectually, strategically and physically in a bid to complete a series of missions in the least amount of time possible. Missions could involve navigating through forest by torch light, kayaking through wide open lakes or cycling through woodland trails, all in a bid to reach checkpoints where teams will have to solve puzzles and decipher codes.

In 2014, the UK Challenge was hosted in Snowdonia. Airbus sponsored the ‘Aerospace Cup’ and requested its strategic suppliers to enter a team to participate in the UK Challenge and for the Aerospace Cup.

I was elected to captain the Atkins Aerospace team which included Craig Baker, David Curtis, Ben Wetherhill, George Rawlins and Mark Healey. Together we had a wide range of skills and strong fitness levels. It was our first time participating in an adventure race and our primary aim was to have fun but be competitive where possible (and ensure we beat the Atkins Highways & Transportation team!).


We started the event strongly but slipped down the position ladder during the event due to the lack of experience in participating in such races. Nonetheless we were fortunate to have brilliant weather throughout the weekend and the team thoroughly enjoyed the experience! And we did beat the Atkins Highways & Transportation team 😉


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