Gibraltar Athletics 10 Mile Road Race 2012, 2013 & 2014

This is one of my favourite races as it coincides with my Christmas holidays and birthday. It is therefore a great excuse to get back home early and treat myself to a birthday gift by running 10 miles along the roads of Gibraltar.

In 2012, the race was held on the 16th of December which conveniently coincides with my birthday! As always, my primary purpose for participating is for the enjoyment factor. In fact, I got a bit more than just the ‘enjoyment’ – I finished in 2nd place in the Senior Men’s Category. I not only treated myself to a torturous 10 mile run but also a shiny trophy. No better way to celebrate my 24th birthday.

In 2013 I came back for the event and this time I meant business! Unfortunately I suffered an accident the day before the race by falling off my bike whilst cycling with the local cycling club. I had grazed my left leg and injured my left wrist. I was in a bit of pain on race day but nonetheless I put the accident behind me and raced. To my surprise, I finished in 1st place! It just goes to show that it’s ‘mind over matter’.


This year I was determined to break the 65 minute mark on the run. I was confident in my training and knew I could achieve my target if I controlled my pace. Luckily for me, the other top runners set a good pace throughout the race which kept me in check with the correct pace. I was unable to retain the title of 1st place from 2013 and finished in 2nd place by about 15 seconds. The first placed finisher went for a sprint finish on the last 100 metres and I was unable to keep up! A good race overall but I have to train harder on my sprinting for next year!


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