In September this year, I’ll be heading off to sunny San Francisco to begin a new chapter in my life. I’ll be starting my one year full-time MBA at Hult International Business School with the aim to pursue some modules in Dubai and Shanghai as part of Hult’s Global Rotation Programme. I will also be undertaking the additional Project Management Specialisation course to further develop my skills set in this area.

In order to apply for any MBA programme, almost every applicant is required sit the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Only a handful of applicants can get away with it if they have demonstrated substantial experience in management and leadership.

With three and a half years of experience under my belt as an engineering consultant, I had to sit the GMAT and I very fortunately came across Magoosh who offered the best online GMAT preparation resources. I began studying for the GMAT in February 2014 and took the test in August 2014. I then submitted my MBA application to Hult in October 2014 and was given the good news of my acceptance the following month.

The blogs below describe why I decided to pursue an MBA, how I managed to tackle the GMAT, why I chose Hult International Business School, and finally, how I found the Hult MBA application process.

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs as much as I enjoy writing them! If you have any questions related to MBAs or the GMAT, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Why Should You Get An MBA?
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Magoosh Capture 1


How I Tackled The GMAT With A Full-Time Job
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The MBA Application Process At Hult International Business School
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